Thursday, April 18, 2013

Julep Nail and Beauty Review

I have to come out of the blogging shadows to post about one of my favorite companies that really impressed me today. The company is called Julep - they started out selling non-toxic nail polishes, but they continue to expand their brand by making beauty products and I think makeup items are on the horizon also. If you go to, you can take a quiz to determine your "Julep Maven" profile and get recommendations for products.

Julep has a monthly product subscription service that costs $19.99. I've tried out multiple beauty subscriptions in the past, but this one is my favorite. I like it because the week before they send out the box and charge your card, they show you exactly what will be in the box. You can then opt out if it's something you aren't interested in. Also, their products are just great in general and the nail polish is my favorite of any nail polish I've ever tried.

Julep also does "mystery boxes" every few months where you pay a set amount and get a mystery collection of products valued well over what you pay. I really learned of their EXCELLENT customer service today as it relates to a mystery box. I tried to order one last week and there seemed to be a glitch in the system, so the order was entered multiple times. Apparently I ordered two of them and was charged for two even though my confirmation email only stated that I ordered one. I got my second in the mail today and was frustrated, so I emailed their customer service department. Within 10 minutes, I got a response with an apology and they stated that not only would they refund one of the charges, they would also allow me to keep the second box on them! So cool!

I'm really impressed and will continue to give them my business. I always like to share these stories when companies take care of me so that my friends can get great stuff too!  Here's a picture of one of my mystery boxes for Easter:

And here is the original box I got that  went along with my "maven profile":

Hope you enjoy and might consider trying! If you want to give it a shot, click on this link: If you use my referral link and then enter code "FREEBOX" you will get your first box free. It really works - that's how I got started! :) If you don't like it, you will get an email reminding you that you can cancel if you want. It's a win-win!



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