Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dark chocolate chip and sea salt cookies

So I made some cookies yesterday that were seriously some of the best cookies a) I've ever made and b) Ever had in general.  They are YUMMY.

I LOVE dark chocolate. It's not something I've always loved, but now that I like it, I prefer it over milk chocolate.  And the addition of sea salt - wow. The two are just an epic combination because the salt enhances and intensifies the chocolate flavor.  Think about it - why do we put salt on savory foods?  To bring the flavor to another level!

So I got the recipe from a blog I follow.  Here's the link:


I'm an absolute mess in the kitchen.  When I bake, there's flour on the floor, the counter tops, everywhere. I'd consider myself a person that pays attention to detail, but for some reason, when I cook/bake, all of that flies out of the window.  I don't prepare well. I just decide to make something and start. What I really SHOULD do is measure out as many things as possible so that I'm not doing it all on the fly.

So that brings me to the real reason for this post, which is to give a heads up to all of you out there who fly by the seat of their pants in the kitchen.

As you see from the recipe I posted, the ingredients are listed in paragraph form.  As I was making the cookies, I didn't pay attention enough and read that there was only 1/4 cup of butter because the extra "1" was on the end of the previous line. So yeah, the recipe calls for 1 AND 1/4 cups of butter.  Oops.

Here's what happened when I put the first half of these cookies in the oven. The dough was SO crumbly and I thought surely there must be something wrong, but I went with it anyway:

Dark chocolate and sea salt BRICKS.  Wow, those things were HARD!

Thankfully, I figured out my mistake and thankfully, this batch makes a TON of cookies, so I still had a chance to succeed.  Since I had already used half the batch, I halved the amount of butter that I missed, added it into the batter, and cooked the second batch.

Success! As you can see, my cookies are much bigger than the blogger's original recipe.  I like BIG cookies. These do have a nice brown edge, but they are mostly pretty soft. And PS - I only had them in the oven for 14 minutes.  It was the perfect amount of time, in my opinion. 

If you decide to make them, let me know what you think! Brian tried them and liked them even though he doesn't like dark chocolate, so that's a great sign. I love them so much that I already plan to make them again soon!

Happy baking! Love,


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