Monday, August 27, 2012

First post + Accessory Auctions!

Hi all!

Seems like I always start a blog around the time that something really big is happening in my life that I need to get finished.  I think my first blog was a few years ago as I finished up my Master's thesis.  Well, here we are now at the tail end of my dissertation.

Since my new job doesn't start until October, I've had some time in between writing to really relax and pursue my hobbies.  A new hobby: Fashion and lifestyle blogging. I seriously have a list of over 15 blogs that I check every day and over the course of my own blog, I'll share some of these fabulous sites with you!

I know many of you may be stuck inside for the next few days waiting out this hurricane.  So I have something to entertain you this evening (and other nights): JEWELRY AUCTIONS!  Yes, Facebook now hosts jewelry auctions each week through various store pages.

My favorite so far is called Accessory Auctions. They have facebook auctions every Monday and Wednesday evening starting at 8PM Central. So far, this is the only site I've actually purchased anything from, so I can vouch that they are legitimate.  I got a REALLY cute blue and gold statement necklace for around $25 and free shipping (see below!). Plus, it got to my house only a few days later because the company is based in  Dallas!  Search their name if you're interested!

A few others I've been following:

Glam Grab Accessory Auctions (also a Dallas company) - Mondays at 7:30PM and Wednesdays at 11AM

Jewelry Nut Auctions - Mondays and Thursdays at 8PM.


So if you're like me, the idea of a facebook auction is a little confusing initially. I'll give you a quick run-down.  Basically, it's not like a conventional auction where you are able to bid on items.  When the auctions begin, each of the sites will start posting pictures of their jewelry/accessories. With those pics are the prices and the number of that item that they have in stock. If they have 10 in stock, the first 10 people to post that they want the item will get it and will receive a Paypal invoice with the next 24 hours. Read each site's rules for what exactly you need to post to participate.  You'll need to "Like" the page on facebook to get the details and to see what's up for auction. :)

If you're obsessed with accessories like me, you'll love it.  Happy buying!  PS - If you have participated in or plan to participate any of these auctions and have any feedback, comment and let me know!  I'm interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.

And everyone, please stay safe during the hurricane.  Much love!


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